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2000 Travels October 26

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It was a lovely day, about 30 degrees.

I went for a beach walk in the morning, while John slept in.

About midday, we walked across the road and went snorkelling again. Spent about ninety minutes in the water. The swimming was engrossing again. John was becoming more confident and prepared to go out further and stay out longer.

10-28-2000 coral.jpg

It was a late lunch

After lunch we went walking along the beach to the south of the little rounded point.

I was going to have chicken marylands for tea, but after defrosting them, decided they were freezer burnt and too old, so I went to the shops and bought some frozen chook pieces – for tomorrow night – and sausages for tonight, which we had with salad.

There was a huge perentie lizard wandering around the caravan park. Up here. they call them bungarra. I was a bit wary the first time I saw it, but it just seemed intent on going where it wanted, irrespective of my presence.

10-27-2000 bungarra.jpg


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