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2000 Travels October 28

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It was the same sort of day, nice and warm.

I bought a single use underwater camera to try to record some of what we are seeing.

After breakfast we snorkelled. I took some photos.

10-28-2000 blue fish.jpg

10-28-2000 lots fish.jpg

Underwater world

We walked on the beach again.

However, John had to complete some tax work, and that occupied him for much of the afternoon. I read a couple of magazines I’d bought at the shops.

Through much of this month, we have been hearing reports of regular thunderstorms happening up in the Kimberley – about two months early. The Gibb River Road is impassable and closed again. That made it a very short tourist season this year!

An interview with the owner of Ellendale Station highlighted that he hadn’t even been able to muster most of his place, this year. The streams ran so late, and then the water table was still so high that the first storms started everything flowing deeply again.

Tea was spicy chilli prawns and rice.

Phoned V and had a chat and told her all our woes about having to come home. Given the couple of nomadic years that they had, she can understand my sense of loss.

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