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2000 Travels October 23

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It was warm and sunny again.

We drove into Exmouth, so John could phone the accountant about some tax matters. Despite our new mobile phone, there are no signal bars around where we are staying.

I phoned a dentist in Carnarvon. Over the past few weeks, had become increasingly concerned about a loose filling in a front tooth. I am not sure it will last till we get home. But I could not get an appointment, so will just have to be careful.

There was a phone message from my aunt in Tasmania, to say that dad’s youngest brother had died. Sad – he was the uncle we bowled with, when in Devonport a year ago.

We had a pig-out on a high-carb lunch from the bakery, but it did not make us feel any better.

We drove back around past the caravan park and south into the Cape Range National Park, and on to the Milyering Visitors Centre. Got some more information about snorkelling there and found out that at least some exploring around Turquoise Bay should be safe enough.

We continued south to Turquoise Bay. It was just as beautiful as the name suggested.

10-23-2000 Turquoise Bay.jpg

Turquoise Bay

We walked on the beach there and watched snorkellers, and decided that we would come back tomorrow and do it ourselves, since we’ve bought the gear. Somewhat unfortunately, I think, the Turquoise Bay Drift is now very much on the Britz hire-car backpacker circuit.

Then we went on to the Oyster Stacks, then Sandy Bay, where John had a fish – no luck. There had been great schools of whiting at Turquoise Bay, which of course, is a Marine Sanctuary, so no fishing there. John says “not fair”!

I did a long beach walk while John fished, I do so enjoy my beach walks, and will miss them when we are home and distant from same.

It was late afternoon when we drove back and there were lots of little kangaroos by the road sides. I have never seen so many beside roads. We had to be very careful and drive slowly.

For tea, John had the accumulated fish catch. I had a tin of tuna and some salad.

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