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2000 Travels October 22

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We had a lazy morning.

It seems that they are only cleaning the amenities here every three days or so. I am not impressed!

I made flat breads for lunch.

After lunch, went with John  to fish at Point Murat again. I caught a dart, which was our only catch.

On the way back, we had strong bars on the mobile phone, so I phoned K to see if the long-ordered family history books had arrived from Tasmania. They had. A loose end tied up.

K then dropped a total bombshell. They have just bought a house and are moving out of ours on December 15! The justification was that they want to qualify for the first home owners grant and it “might” be abolished soon. I doubt that, but guess it makes economic sense for them to buy their own place. I just thought that they would stay the originally planned  five years and save for all of that time.

So – we will have to go home! There are the two cats, and we also do not want the place left empty.

I felt like I had been punched in the gut, betrayed.

We now had only seven and a half weeks left of the trip, instead of a bit over two years. Once seven weeks would have seemed a long holiday, but now it seems no time at all.

All I could think of was all the special places “saved up” for the coming couple of years, and the places further north in WA that we rushed or passed by because of the Olympics thing.

I found it really hard to come to terms with the imminent ending of this wonderful, free, lifestyle. Even if we get to do some shorter trips, it will never again be like this.

I am definitely not ready to return to suburbia!

Although John has been saying he wanted to go home, now it has actually become reality, he too says he is not ready for it to happen yet. Maybe that’s a case of not knowing what he had, till it was gone?

We have a lot of WA – and southern Australia – left to cover in a few short weeks!

Back at the van, I checked the maps. We are actually at the furthest point from Melbourne, on the Australian mainland! And we have to make our way home from that.

We will just have to resolve to enjoy the remaining few weeks, the best we can.

10-19-2000 camp at Lighthouse CP.jpg

A way of life that will soon be ending……..

I cooked steak and mushrooms for tea, but neither of us had much appetite.

A sad, sad day.

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