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2000 Travels October 11

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John liked it here and decided overnight that we would stay a week!

I went to arrange that at the office, and they were kind enough to make the seventh night free, because of staying the week.

We then did a proper set up of the van, and unhitched Truck.

It was rather humid in the morning, but only got into the low 30’s, with some sea breeze later in the day. This environment was so much more pleasant for living in than where we’d been.

The bay was interesting to look out upon, from under our awning. Rocks, birds, boats. There was an osprey regularly hunting in the sea – we saw her nest, on top of a pole, on yesterday’s walk.

Later in the morning, drove through town – which did not take long – then on to Beadon Creek, just beyond it, an area where there were fishing boats moored. There was a groyne built out from the mouth of the creek, a short way, to keep the creek mouth open for the boats.

There were a couple of men casting lures from the groyne, so John decided to do so, too, and caught two long toms. I did a few casts too, but only caught a bit of sponge!

10-11-2000 onslow from ck and boat area.jpg

Looking back towards Onslow from Beadon Creek area

We went back to the van for lunch and then lazed around under the awning, soaking in the view.

A new van came on to the next site – Victorians, long-term travelling, with a Burmese cat. It was nice to pat a cat again! They’d had problems with interior fittings in their van and it had been recalled – they have to take it back to Melbourne! That was a major hiccup in their travel plans, but they were hoping to get a new van out of the exercise.

John had arranged to go to bowls at 7pm, so we had an early tea – a zucchini and basil frittata, so I could use up eggs that were close to their dying date. I cooked it in the electric frypan and it worked alright.

The evening became quite windy. There are now big bushfires in the Pilbara and daily thunderstorms in the Kimberley.

I think John enjoyed the bowls – it was very “social”. At least, he got to meet some of the locals and find out about the place – like about the new salt project being developed, which is behind schedule, due to cyclones.

The mobile phone had stopped working, earlier today. Upon investigation and checking, and phoning from the pay phone, it was discovered that the last bill had not been paid in Karratha, after all. So both the shire rates and the phone bill were stuffed up, somehow, at that time. John used the public phone to pay the bill and get it all sorted out.

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