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2000 Travels October 12

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It was fairly hot today, but there was quite a strong wind blowing.

I phoned Melbourne and sold some shares at a good profit. Bought some more Telstra ones, which I think are on the rise again. The leftover profit will pay the coming instalment due on the original Telstra purchases. However, I realized later that I will have to follow up with the sharebroker again – they have taken out too much brokerage.

The main outing for today was down to the wharf/groyne area at the creek entrance. John fished. Because the wind was blowing a lot of sand and grit about, I sat in Truck and knitted.

After  lunch, John had a sleep and I went for a walk around town. At least here I feel secure walking about the place.

The Visitors Centre was an old stone building that was moved here from the old town.

The initial township in these parts began in the 1880’s, when a port was established at the mouth of the Ashburton River, to export wool from the local pastoral properties. The town was called Onslow. It was not well located, having to be a few kms inland from the actual coast, due to the clay flats close to the coast. The river mouth tended to silt up, especially when there were cyclones, so, in the 1920’s a new wharf was built a bit further along the coast, at Beadon Creek. The, the town of Onslow was moved there, and Old Onslow was abandoned.

Onslow was the most southerly place in Australia to be bombed by the Japanese, in WW2 – a single plane that dropped three bombs. It was a refuelling base, in the war, for Navy ships.

I enjoyed my little history lesson.

We had tried the old trick of upending and shaking the Chescold fridge, and it is working better on gas. So we can cool drinks easily again.

10-11-2000 camp onslow.jpg

Site by the sea at Onslow

The phone was still not working! Seemed to be a problem with the unit itself, not just the unpaid bill.

For tea, I cooked John’s long toms for him. I had some salad and a tin of tuna.

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