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2000 Travels September 9

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We got packed up and away nice and early.

The trip back to Broome was pretty routine, through the same rather monotonous country we’d twice before travelled.

We did meet quite a bit of traffic coming out to the big funeral at Beagle Bay. All vehicles – except for a couple of tourist ones – were very good at pulling over into the sandy sides and stopping to let us past.

We went back to Roebuck Bay Caravan Park and got a great site, up the “top” end, right on the sea front. It cost $23. The place has continued to empty out – we are definitely on the rump of the tourist season now.

When we arrived at the park, we parked at the front and John went in to arrange the site. Whilst I waited, I was approached by a lady – they had a Trakmaster too, which was on a site just over from where we went.

We unhitched on site, but only did the minimal overnight set up.

Drove to Coles for some grocery type oddments. Restocked the beer and wine supply.

Refuelled Truck, and refilled the jerry can – $1.13cpl.

I went to the bead shop, where I lashed out and spent nearly $100 on materials to make up jewellery. Have Xmas presents for the family in mind – but think it could become quite an addictive hobby. Would make a change from the embroidery, anyway.

We visited the Monsoon Gallery, where there were some rather lovely “Kimberley” works by an artist – Ingrid Windram. I thought her prints were fairly priced too. I offered to buy John one for his coming birthday, but he declined. However, it would be good at some stage, to get some Kimberley related art work for our walls at home.

We went and sampled the Broome Brewery beer at Matso’s. We sat out on their lovely shaded verandah – in a little breeze – with our drinks, playing at being part of “old” Broome. The beer was different, but I wouldn’t buy any more of it! However, I am not a great beer connoisseur.

Later, back at camp, we walked around to have a chat to the other Trakkie people. Their van was the original company’s demo van – very different to ours, and a bit more like a camper inside. They have had a few problems – due to it being one the company learned from, I guess. But they have also had it on some rough tracks, which we always like to hear about. They came around and looked at ours, and said they got some ideas about refitting theirs for future trips.

We sat out and watched our last views of Roebuck Bay, with its changing light.

Tea was soup and sweet corn cobs.

I really want to come back to these parts and spend a lot more time.

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