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2000 Travels September 8

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Weather the same.

Went for a bit of a wander after breakfast, and talked to a man camped at the Lookout site – as the name suggests, further around, looking out to sea. He told us he was here in April, with his son, when Cyclone Rosita went through. They were stuck here for a couple of weeks. There would be a lot worse places to be marooned!

In the late morning, we went back to the reef. It was just so fascinating to wander on it, look at the life there, the patterns made by reef, water, and what grows in the pools that remain at low tide.

09-07-2000 reef detail.jpg

Reef detail

We saw a bailer shell – don’t know the name of the critter that lives in it. A big, bright orange shell with a big, black, snail-like animal inside. It was just crawling around the outside of a little reef pool. We watched it for quite a while – no speed machine.

09-08-2000 bailer shell.jpg

Bailer shell and its resident


09-08-2000 sea slug.jpg

Another late lunch and a quiet afternoon, in the heat.

K was back from Broome and came down for a chat.

The lady half of the couple that own the place came down too – to apologize in case we’d heard her lose her temper, earlier in the day! We hadn’t, but it must have been pretty spectacular, if she felt the need to come and apologize to us! She was very interesting to talk to. She said she despairs of some of her people, who do not look after their children’s schooling (like K’s mum!), or care for their houses, and the like.

They have certainly done a good job of developing a business, here at Middle Lagoon. She says the only help they’d had to do it, was from ATSIC to build the amenities block. All the rest has been done with their own money. I don’t know if the water bore and power plant has been government funded at all, though.

All credit to them. It seems well run – certainly more organized and efficient than Honeymoon.

We did the usual pre-pack up, in the dark, eventually, due to the social interruptions!

Tea was cobbler and fries.

The time here has gone too fast – I really want to stay much longer. We must come back, next year. It is a gem of a place.

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