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2000 Travels September 7

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It was another hot day, but with a strong breeze, which gave some relief from the heat.

The owls had gone back to their usual tree. Maybe the one by us was too noisy, after all?

09-06-2000 01 frogmouth.jpg

Both frogmouths are in this picture

As the tide was going out, we walked around the beach and out onto the exposed reef. It was surprisingly extensive. There were superb little rock pools and crevasses.

09-07-2000 reef with limestone rocks.jpg

The reef exposed at low tide. The rock pools in the deeper sections have their own ecosystems

09-07-2000 reef rock pool with greenery.jpg

A little pool still holding water in the exposed reef, with greenery

We saw crabs, iridescent fish, octopus, clams. The latter were quite fearsome looking. I would not want to get a hand stuck in that opening!

09-07-2000 reef clam.jpg

A clam in a reef pool

There were several different types of sea birds too, including a Brahminy kite, assorted plovers and sandpipers, and a beach thick knee.

It was all very engrossing, and the tide was part-way back in before we realized.

09-07-2000 oyster stack.jpg

A little oyster stack on the reef

It was hot out there on the reef, of course.

09-07-2000 reef view

The tide starting to come back in over the reef.

Lunch was a late one.

John had a sleep during the afternoon, and spent some time using his computer.

I sewed.

K came down. She’d come down in the morning to tell us that there were whales offshore, beyond the reef, but we’d gone off on our explorations. Pity. I think we would have had to have been around on the cliffs to see them.

K had a bar shouldered dove that couldn’t fly and she was planning to take it to a wildlife rescue service in Broome, when they went back this afternoon.

All the young adults and kids of the extended family left, and the place became very quiet. It was also much easier to get a shower – we had been sharing this with the extended family.

Tea was curried sausages and rice.

There was a superb sunset.

09-07-2000 sunset Middle Lagoon

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