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2000 Travels September 10

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We were up early and leaving the caravan park at 7.30am. The idea was to reach our destination before the heat of the mid afternoon.

The run south was uneventful, with a slight tail wind.

There was a fruit stall selling local produce, from a nearby horticultural venture, near the Port Smith turn-off. I bought three rock melons, for $3 each, some tomatoes and beans.

The country we travelled through was distinctly boring. Flat, dry, dusty, scrub country, very featureless, long straight stretches of highway – but a good road. I thought this was actually the most boring road we’d yet travelled in Australia!

We had a coffee stop along the way, at a pull in place that appeared extensively used for overnighting.

We had a further break at Sandfire Roadhouse. We reminisced about our lunch stop here, in 1993, in pouring rain, where we paid an extremely exorbitant amount for our lunch. A couple of basic hamburgers and cokes that cost us the equivalent of about three nights’ caravan park fees, back then! It was robbery.

We turned off the highway and drove the 9kms or so, on a reasonable gravel road, to the Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park. It was lunch time when we got there.

Our powered site cost $19.80 for the night.

There was a shop, selling basic supplies, combined with the office and reception area. I bought a tea towel and a magnet.

It was a much bigger caravan park than we’d expected, well established and very pleasant.

After seeing what the place was like, John decided we should stay a second night. We thought it would actually be quite easy to spend weeks here – yet another episode of “we must return, with time”.

09-10-2000 camp 80 mile beach.jpg

Our site at Eighty Mile Beach

After set up and lunch, we went for a walk on the beach. It was absolutely awesome! There were millions of shells, some quite beautiful, and it was impossible to resist bringing some back to the van.

09-11-2000 beach collection.jpg

Eighty Mile Beach still life

The beach was a massive sandy expanse, going on for as far as we could see in both directions. There was clearly a big tidal range.

Vehicles drive along it – the sand was firm. The experienced ones who obviously spend time here each year have little quad bike things for travelling along the beach.

The fishing is obviously good – could tell that from photos in the office/store! I could see why those who stay for a time want to go much further along the beach, to get away from all those who fish right by the park.

09-11-2000 bird lineup 80 mile beach.jpg

Late afternoon bird line-up

When we come back here will have to make sure that we have some good fishing gear. It was not worth John trying to fish with the one little rod he still has functioning – not really suitable for the sea.

The afternoon sun was hot. I sat in the shade and started some beadwork. Made an anklet, which looks good, and a bracelet that will go to V for Xmas – light blue glass beads and lapis lazuli chips. I was very pleased with it.

Late in the afternoon, we went down to the beach and watched a wonderful sunset. There was smoke about and it was a bit like “stairway to the sun”.

Tea was fried rice.

This is a great place.

09-09-2000 to em bch

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