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2000 Travels August 21

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It was another lovely hot day.

John was up early to drive Truck – very slowly and carefully – to Shinju Motors.

I cycled to the shops at the newish Boulevard Centre and had a look around.

Shinju Motors phoned, later in the morning. Both back wheel bearings and axles need replacing. We don’t do things by halves! But the shocking news was when they said that the problem was caused because the back wheel bearings have NEVER been greased! It is not on the service schedule, it seems, because they are supposed to be “whole of life” units”! The mechanic told John this, but also said that there is an “extreme conditions” addendum to the service schedule, and greasing the bearings is on that. Obviously, the various service centres we have used have only followed the standard schedule. It is simply not something one thinks to ask be done – seems so obvious.

I suspect, also, that the time the hot wheels spent standing in cold water, when we were bogged on the Kalumburu road, may have played a role. I had read somewhere that, after such an event, which can suck in water, re-greasing is needed. I wondered if we had gotten this done in Kununurra, whether we would have been ok?

John will complain to Landrover Australia about this issue. It is going to cost us about $1600. However, it may be ready as early as Wednesday.

John has insisted that they keep Truck locked inside the workshop at night.

John began work on this year’s tax stuff.

I cycled to the Post Office and collected our mail. I got some nice letters from friends.

The cruise ship left, late in the day. So it basically had a two day stop here. Guess they did the Cable Beach sunset thing last night.

From the caravan park beach front, we can see the wharf area in the distance.

08-20-2000 Roebuck Bay Broome.jpg

Roebuck Bay as seen from in front of the caravan park

Tea was curried beans and rice.

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