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2000 Travels August 20

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We did little in the morning except read some of the paper from yesterday. I did make a batch of tomato, bacon and basil soup.

A big cruise ship docked at the port today. There were special markets being put on for it.

After lunch, we went to bowls. Some logistical issues presented themselves, which John solved by using my bike with the pannier rack on the back, to ferry our heavy bowls bags to the club – four blocks away. Then he came back and we both walked there.

We played pairs. This was my first game since Cloncurry – months ago. I played alright in the first game, which we won, but lost concentration in the second, which we lost. The conditions of the grass changed too, as it got darker and damper. I had problems throwing the jack, as usual, and John got cross with me. I just kept trying!

During the afternoon, there was a loud road accident crunch nearby, then lots of sirens and a pall of black smoke, as one vehicle burned. Talk was that one of the drivers – an aboriginal – drove straight through a Stop sign.

The man from the next caravan was also playing, and he gave us a ride back to the park. This was much appreciated, as it was well and truly dark by then, and the bowls bags were heavy.

Tea was soup, then sweet corn cooked in foil in the electric frypan. All very nice.

Over the weekend, at various times, we phoned the offspring and some of John’s siblings, to update them about what was going on with us. I couldn’t get through to V though, and left a message.

John’s cousin M phoned us.

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