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2000 Travels July 31

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Hot and sunny.

There were some campers wanting to do a fishing trip. Les got the two R’s to take them out. Les then summonsed John and told him to hurry up because he and his wife were taking him out fishing! John got ready in a real rush.

08-01-2000 back from fishing again.jpg

The paying fishing party

07-28-2000 richard tempting wildlife.jpg

R casting net for bait

I wrote and sewed, watched from above by my reptilian companion. Talked some with D.

The young Greek guys who had borrowed all the tools the other day, left in the late morning, when there was no one at the office to settle up with. They left some money, but it was not enough to cover their camp fees – was $20 short. They didn’t pay at all for the tool use. They were not nice people.

I was getting more and more annoyed by campers who seemed to think they could swan in here and get away with such things – just because the family is aboriginal.

The respective fishing parties both got back about 3pm. White R  had a big red emperor. John had hooked one, but it broke the gear and got away. They also had some smaller fish and a small shark that John had kept for us. The others had a couple of big cod. It had been a good day out for most. John seemed to have enjoyed himself. This trip was Les’ reward for all the work the men had been putting in around the place.

07-31-2000 cod

John with cod caught by someone else

Then there was the usual fish cleaning flurry. We had three or four more fish meals from the day’s catch.

In the afternoon, a party of obnoxious men came in and camped in the lower shed. Some of the party had been here two years ago. They were loud and foul mouthed. They insisted on joining the water pipe to the shed back up, despite being told not to do so. Les turned the water off altogether, at that point. There were people in the shower at the time, who were not happy!

We had fries and golden trevally for tea.

D and R BBQ’d the red emperor on the fire of the three men from the Argyle mine. It took ages. They had asked Les and wife, R and Les’ girls to tea, but wife and the girls got sick of waiting and went back to their shed.

There had been no mention of D’s hide today – I thought  it may have been consigned to a deep hole, somewhere!

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