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2000 Travels August 1

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I was woken at 5.30am by noise from the slobs in the lower shed.

After breakfast, we drove into Kalumburu to get “stores” for ourselves. I especially needed potatoes, SR flour and dried milk.

On the way back, we put up the billboard sign and two of John’s Honeymoon painted tyre signs. It was hard work in the heat, but a good thing to do for the place.

08-01-2000 why signs needed.jpg

Why some signs are needed!

There is real rivalry between Honeymoon and McGowans Island people, with the latter apparently telling travellers that Honeymoon is hard to find, the water supply issues, and so on. There are elements of truth to such statements – but we have now made the place a bit easier to find! Certainly, when we first drove this way, we were very unsure if we were going the right way.

McGowans may attract campers just because it is closer to Kalumburu and the way is obvious, so we put a Honeymoon sign at the McGowans turnoff!

08-01-2000 hanging new signs.jpg

Putting up a new sign

Of course, every Wet season is likely to cause a change in the location of the tracks, as well as their condition.

There was a bit of traffic on the track today. The Argyle men had landed the task of driving to town to fetch Les’ fuel, today! D went with them for something to do, because the two R’s had taken the boat out with fishing trip customers.

Les’ wife went into town and back and several of the family came out from town.

Les spent much of the day trying to fix tyres! And, I suspect, keeping an eye on the men in the lower hut.

On our way back from town and putting up signs, we met the town garbage truck, stuck in the sandy track, not far from the Pago turn off. The driver said he’d taken a friend out to Honeymoon. The travel mates of the Greek men were stopped there – they were leaving today. They were cross at the delay, but pulled the truck out of the sand.

Now the track was even harder to negotiate.

08-01-2000 honeymoon track.jpg

The track to Honeymoon Beach

Back at camp. Les was not happy. He said the lad who came out on the garbage truck should not be there. Apparently, he was after booze and drugs from the slobs in the shed. They were remembered for same, from two years ago! Obviously, word had gotten to town about them.

D said they offered her ganja yesterday!

Les was trying to find a way to get the lad back to town, as he did not want him hanging about out here, indulging.

Ironically, there was to be a big meeting in town, tomorrow morning, to discuss the drink and drugs problems.

We had a late lunch, then lazed about for the rest of the afternoon.

Tea was “flake” in curry sauce – very nice.

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