This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels July 30

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A hot and sunny day – no surprise there.

I radio-phoned K and left message about where we were. Phoned my brother and talked to him and nephew. They clearly found it impossible to visualize this place!

The men worked about the place. This had almost become the norm. I guess they liked being useful, but we were still paying to be here!

I wrote, and lazed, got scared a few times by the evil lizard, then went for a walk on the beach later in the day. It was such a beautiful area, with the turquoise sea. We were getting used to having the blue sea in the background, down the hill from camp, and tended to take it for granted, somewhat.

07-25-2000 napier broome bay.jpg

Napier Broome Bay, from the campground

John made some more signs – pretty good looking ones too. He took a considerable liberty, putting five stars on the tyre signs! He then had to explain the concept of star ratings to Les.

07-30-2000 more signs.jpg

More signs…

D was cross because the two R’s were working and fishing, and she was wanting Aboriginal R to help her with the hide and peg it out for her.

Tea was fries and golden trevally – very nice.

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