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2000 Travels July 29

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Hot again, but not as windy.

The men spent much of today working. There were problems with the bore this morning, and hence no water for the campground. As campers still use the toilets, this can become quite unpleasant!

Apparently, the water table has dropped since the bore was put in, and it is silting up. With the help of a welder from the Argyle Mines, who is camping here, they put another 3 metres onto the bore pipe.

So, there was no water all day, because the work took that long.

Then, after it was all on again, they discovered that the pipe to the lower fishing hut had broken again – so that was where all the water that should have been in the overhead tank, had gone. That pipe was shut off and all was well again.

I am finding the recurrent water issues rather tedious. It must be incredibly frustrating for Les.

Aboriginal R took the hung meat to town, to freeze. He left in the morning and had two flat tyres on the Nissan, on the way. What was it that Les said about never having flat tyres?

Some fishing people in camp gave me the back half of a golden trevally. There would  be two meals there, at least.

I cooked roti bread for lunch – very good.

D spent all day cutting bits of meat off her cow hide. She sustained several cuts to her fingers and became quite cross. The flies didn’t help!

I sat round camp and sewed, and read.

There was a critter – a lizard of some sort, almost a metre long – that lives in the dead part of a tree right near the tent. It had a habit of dropping into the long grass and making loud rustling noises. Scared the bejesus out of me, every time. I swore it grinned, too!

07-29-2000 reptile in tree.jpg

Reptile watching me from on high

07-30-2000 going back up.jpg

Reptile climbing back up its tree for another go at scaring me!

Tonight John wanted bacon and eggs for tea. He was sick of fish! We had chicken noodle soup first.

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