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2000 Travels July 10

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Hot day again. We seem to have settled into a regular pattern of clear skies and days in the low 30’s.

We packed up and got away from the caravan park in good time.

Parked the rig at the shops and did a very big shop – groceries and meats. The butcher cryovacced my meat packs so they would last longer. Once we leave the van, there will only be the Chescold fridge.

It was too early to stock up on alcohol – outlets for this do not open until midday. We’d get some when we come back through Kununurra on Tuesday.

Drove out to Lake Argyle, where John had arranged, when we were last there, to store the van at the caravan park. Once again, we admired the incredibly dramatic country we passed through.

Paid $17.60 for our powered site for the night. John was shown where the van would be kept – in the Works area – and said he was sort of satisfied.

The site we were on was unshaded. It was a very hot day out here, and we had a lot to do. Had to pack the Truck, and move things between van and Truck. We’d done this before, for the Cape York and the Simpson Desert trips, without the van, so it was at least, a familiar process.

07-10-2000 Lake Argyle CP.jpg

Our open site at lake Argyle

I washed a small load that had accumulated.

I bought some silver cobbler fish at the hotel and cooked it and fries for tea. We couldn’t eat it all!

We were both very tired and had an early night

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