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2000 Travels July 11

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We were up early to do more packing up and move the van to the storage area.

The day was really hot and sticky.

John did not like the long, dead grass where the van was put, so borrowed a spade and hacked it back for a couple of metres. I didn’t like the location at all – thought it was very vulnerable. There were no fences, gates, lights at night, surveillance at all. This was really not what we’d had in mind, at all. Thought it would be stored near the resident caretaker, like it was at Wonga. They told John they never have any trouble with stuff there, but I still felt really uneasy. Maybe it was just separation anxiety?

It was the middle of the day when we finally we ready to head off in Truck. We stopped by the roadside, not far out of the Argyle settlement, and ate our lunch of cold left over fish from last night.

In Kununurra, bought alcohol for a month, and methylated spirits to prime the lamp, because I thought I’d forgotten to pack what we had in the van. John bought a pie and sausage roll – he was hankering for a last high calorie “fix”!

Refuelled Truck at the BP – 99cpl – a lot cheaper than the Shell fuel the other day.

Headed west out of Kununurra. Along the road, decided it was too late in the afternoon to go on to Jacks Waterhole, on the Gibb River Road, as we’d planned, so stayed on the faster, sealed road and went to Wyndham instead.

07-09-2000 Ord below Diversion Dam

The Ord River downstream of the Diversion Dam and the highway

It was a very scenic drive with ranges always somewhere in view. We drove through some burning off.

Then we started to see large areas of tidal mud flats to our left. Wyndham is situated beside Cambridge Gulf, a very large inlet where five large rivers feed in to the sea. The town began as a small port for the Halls Creek gold rushes in the late 1800’s. Then, through much of the 1900’s, it was an export point for Kimberley beef.

I was expecting a town more in keeping with its history and was disappointed that it seemed rather small and dilapidated.

We booked into the Wyndham Caravan Park, for $18.70 a night. It was back a couple of blocks from the main street. There were only a few formal sites, but lots of shady trees. The amenities were adequate.

We set up the big tent. It took a while, but John wanted the extra space and ease of access.

07-11-2000 wyndham cp.jpg

The big tent set up at Wyndham Caravan Park

We soon discovered there were sandflies! Probably not surprising, given the tidal mud flats and mangroves not too far away.

In a nearby caravan, there was much yelling and abusing of young children! Not pleasant.

John was still full from his earlier indulgences. He had some watermelon for tea. I had some salad and feta cheese.

We were both really tired so it was an early night. I had nightmares about disasters befalling the van, so I guess I really was uneasy about leaving it where it was.

07-11-2000 to wyndham

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