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2000 Travels July 9

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Today felt even hotter!

After breakfast, we drove out to the Top Rockz Gallery, off the Ivanhoe road.

On the way, bought some grapefruit – big ones – from a roadside stall.

07-08-2000 Kununurra form produce.jpg


The gallery features, in particular, the unusually coloured  stone that is unique to this area. Zebra rock is the main one – striped, as the name suggests. There is also ribbon stone and rainbow stone. Jewellery and wood craft products  were displayed too.

The zebra stone is a soft silt stone, so it is easily carved and shaped in to all sorts of products, from earrings to wine bottle holders.

I bought a rainbow stone “scene” – a small rectangle, with a mirage like effect. At home, John can make a small easel to display it. Also bought a set of six rainbow stone circular coasters. John could make a wooden box to hold these. It is such an unusual stone.

We saw some good ideas for wooden  boxes: one with sides made from banksia cones, with a solid lid and base. One could also use banksia cone segments in box lids. We saw rainbow stone slices set in box lids.

07-09-2000 local rocks.JPG

Zebra rock chunk, rainbow stone coaster and “mirage” panel


On the way back, we bought melons at the Melon Patch – that’s the place we liked in ’93. They had three melons for $2, so I bought nine assorted ones. Also bought some more vegetables.

07-08-2000 melon patch

Local produce (not the beer!)

Back at the van, I had a long swim, and we did some packing up.

John emptied the 15 litres from the jerry can into the fuel tank, then went and completely refilled it, at the Shell servo – $1.07cpl. We did not expect fuel availability would be an issue where we are going – there are roadhouses, stations and community supplies.

Rafter made the tennis final, but lost to Sampras.

Tea was steak and vegetables.

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