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2000 Travels April 17

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A good night’s sleep was had!

John was planning to collect his consignment of Huon pine, from Queenstown, today. He phoned the freight yard, after breakfast. No timber for us! He phoned Queenstown and was assured it had been despatched as arranged. Then he phoned the Tasmanian Freight Centre – it sailed yesterday! So there appeared to have been a glitch there. It was worked out that we should be able to collect the wood on Wednesday, as the container “should” have been unloaded by then.

So our day’s plans changed.

We carefully checked Truck and the van for items that could be taken home and left. We did a big unload! The van would be so much lighter, too.

I made several phone calls, arranging necessary appointments for things that had to be done.

Later in the day, took the load home and deposited it in our bedroom there and John’s shed.

John was very unhappy with the state of the garden, principally the vegetable area all overgrown with blackberries. The lawns were mown, but not much else done. But it could be worse – at least the house itself was kept up well.

The animals were, as always, pleased to see us.

Steak and mushrooms for tea.

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