This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels April 18

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After breakfast, drove back home again, to pick up the animals and take them to the vet. Yesterday I’d phoned and made the appointment. They were all ok. Had their annual injections. I bought worm tablets for the cats, to leave at home, and some ointment for a fly bite on the dog’s ear.

After leaving the pets at home, we went on to friend R’s place, where John ordered a new laptop from him. We had lunch there. Admired the ring H had made up from the Gemtree garnet we gave her.

Then went to the accountant and talked tax matters.

Drove to an outdoor gear shop in Ringwood and bought me some light hiking boots, but could not find any that were comfortable for John. His totally flat feet are incompatible with a lot of footwear.

Back at camp, phoned friend T and arranged lunch for Friday, and my brother ditto, for Saturday.

Tea, after all that running about, was bought pizza.

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