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2000 Travels April 16

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We were woken by the breakfast announcement at 3am! Very uncivilized.

The boat docked late – at 5.15am.

After the semis and coaches, we were the first vehicle off, at about 6am – excellent!

The drive through Melbourne at that early hour was easy, if rather strange with so little traffic.

We faced the dilemma of what to do at such an early hour, to fill in the time until we could go to the caravan park. Could not think of many options on a Sunday morning.

We went to the Lilydale Lake, getting there before 8am, and walked around it, taking some of the sidetracks to make the walk longer and use up more time. There were a surprising number of other people there.

Then we drove up to Healesville, went to the supermarket there, and also bought some lunch supplies.

At 9.30am, having exhausted our ideas, and feeling like we’d been up forever, phoned the caravan park. They said our site had been cleaned and we could go book in there straight away. So we booked back in to the lovely Badger Creek Caravan Park – for $20.90 a night. The price had increased!

After setting up, John drove home to take the accumulated timber and some other things back for storage. Truck returned very much lighter!

I got lunch ready – salads, cold meats, rolls, fruit, cheeses.

V arrived about 1.30. She had been to the Healesville Markets on the way to us. She brought me some scented soaps and a little, pink spotted ceramic bowl, as an advance Mothers Day present. There was much talk and we had a pleasant, grazing style of lunch. She is now permanent in her new bank call centre job, but they are still considering moving to the Bendigo area. They are going to the Grampians for Easter. It was a most enjoyable afternoon. So good to catch up with my daughter again.

When John returned, he gave V our old TV aerial and I gave her my laptop. She seemed to think she could teach herself word processing on it. I would be getting a “new” hand me down from John, shortly.

V left about 5.30pm.

Our tea was soup and leftovers from lunch.

We had a very early night – feeling weary at the end of a very long day!

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