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2000 Travels April 15

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We had a leisurely breakfast, then took our time packing up.

Got to the ferry terminal about 12.30pm. There were quite a lot of vehicles there already. John had to queue up with the caravans, and I went up into the terminal building to wait until I could board, which happened at 2pm.

After putting our gear in the cabin I went on deck and watched the queues and the movement down below for a while. Then I returned to the cabin and read the papers I’d brought with me, and waited for John, who was boarded at about 3.30. He was one of the vans put on the same deck as the semis.

04-15-2000 ferry lineup.jpg

Our rig at the head of a line, waiting to board the Spirit of Tasmania

We went back up on deck and watched the departure from there. It was late – about 4.20pm.

We stayed out on deck as the coast receded. There was a big storm build up over Devonport, and we could see heavy rain over the coast. It seemed rather symbolic somehow!

04-15-2000 Leaving Tasmania.jpg

Goodbye Tasmania!

The evening meal on the boat seemed better this time – the cold food was fresher and the hot not as greasy, and better presented. John had roast pork, which was nice and tender and I had a very good piece of Atlantic salmon.

Back in the cabin, we read for a while and had a couple of rum and cokes, having brought the makings on board with us.

The sea was very calm and we slept well, no doubt assisted by the rums!

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