This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels April 3

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We were up early, as Truck had to be at Landrover in Launceston at 8am, for them to try to fix whatever is wrong in front.

We walked around parts of the city for a while. Fortunately, the dealer was not too far from the central city area.

Visited a good looking craft shop, where I bought some embroidery fabric.

Went to the Library, and found they had the Tasmanian Pioneer Records, and a good family history research set up. I began to research mum’s family, using the microfiche and found out quite a bit, including that my grandfather could not write. His name, on his marriage record, was signed with a X.

We got a phone call to say that Truck was ready a lot earlier than expected. John went to fetch it, while I worked on at the Library. It just needed a proper wheel balance, apparently – the Burnie K Mart one was not done properly.

On the way back, went to the mill at Legana because John wanted to swap one of the pieces of wood he bought yesterday, for a better piece. We arranged to go back tomorrow to collect same.

Tea was chicken dijonnaise.

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