This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels April 4

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Last night, I did some share research and this morning phoned the broker to sell one lot, that had begun to fall in price, along with most tech shares. I took a loss on that lot, but a contained one, as it should be.

We went back to the Launceston Library so I could do more family research. It had begun to be addictive. Every piece found seemed to create more questions. For example, I found a birth record for my grandfather, in 1867, but it recorded that he was born at Retreat. But Retreat is over Bridport way and all the family records to date, and all I ever knew about it, had them located in the Meander and Jackeys Marsh areas. In those days, Retreat would have been days of travel away, so I could not work that one out.

Stopped in at the Legana mill and picked up the wood – a piece of myrtle. John then bought a piece of Huon pine, for carving.

Filled up Truck – 94cpl.

Tea was steak and mushrooms.

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