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2000 Travels March 28

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The day was very pleasant, though there was a build up of cloud later in the day.

After breakfast I walked to the shops, for the paper and to collect our mail. It wasn’t in – the mail had been delayed in Launceston, this morning, due to fog.

John finished his letter and printed off the copies he wanted to send. I read the paper and sewed.

After lunch, John drove to Burnie to get the tyre fixed. It turned out to have been a faulty tube, they thought, rather than a problem in the wheel.

John phoned Landrover in Launceston and booked Truck in for Monday. From his description, they thought the problem was normal wear and tear that would be straightforward to fix.

While he was gone, I walked back to the Post Office again, Still no mail – I had been expecting that the long-overdue photos would have been forwarded to us, from home.

I phoned Aunt J and arranged to visit her again on Thursday afternoon. This meant we had to extend our stay here by a day, so I went and arranged that.

We discussed plans for later in the year. John wants to have good TV so he can watch the Olympic Games and thinks, therefore, that we should plan to be around Perth at that time. That would significantly reduce the time we had to spend in parts further north, which I was annoyed about.

I tried to book at Bussellton for the always problematic Xmas period, but they were already booked out – and they were pretty expensive at that time anyway. So decided to book the same Woodman Point, near Fremantle, park for both September and Xmas. We probably would not be doing much sightseeing while the Games were on, anyway, so there would still be things for us to do, over the Xmas period. We would be able to access Perth city from there – and the park had a pool! Then, once the holiday peak was over, we would head along the south coast for the rest of summer.

Woodman Point wanted big deposits – like half the overall cost!

Tea was soup, cold meatloaf, potato, salads.

I phoned home. They had not gotten round to forwarding the photos, so I asked that the mail now be sent to Legana PO. Phoned former colleague GH and arranged to meet in Devonport for lunch on 13 April.

After dark, thunder and lightning set in, with some rain. There was a loud explosion which we thought might have been a power installation exploding. There also seemed to be a lot of airplane activity into and out of the airport, late at night. Maybe the wind was just blowing this way, so I noticed.

John stayed up late, playing his computer game. I sewed till 11pm, then went to bed.

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