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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels March 29

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This was a cloudy, windy day.

We walked to the shops, after breakfast. John posted a letter. I mailed a cheque for the deposit for our Woodman Point bookings. Bought some odds and ends at the shops, including pins so I could take up the hems on John’s new jeans, which he wants to wear this afternoon! I made an appointment for a hair cut, this afternoon.

Browsed in a second hand shop for a while. John saw a Hilti drill that he is tempted to offer $200 for – apparently, he has always wanted one of those.

Back at the van, I took up the jeans legs, while John made lunch.

Then John was off to bowls at Wynyard.

I read the paper, then walked back to the shops and had my hair cut. I was pleased with the outcome.

John came back happy with his game and said the new stretch jeans were comfy.

We spent some time talking with fellow travellers in the park and getting some destination advice from them. A place called Bowthorn Station/Kingfisher Camp, north of Lawn Hill in Qld was said to be a place not to miss. Also that the new-ish Point Stuart Lodge, on the Wildman River in the NT, was worth a visit and camp. Such talk made me excited about the prospect of going north again.

A couple came to look at the van and we gave them one of the brochures we carry with us.

By the time we finished the travel chat, it was 7pm and too late to cook, so John went to the excellent shop here for some of their lovely fish and chips.

After tea I sewed and we watched TV.

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