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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels March 27

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Today was cooler, with some showers. It was windy, but not Stanley style windy!

I finished some letters that had been on the go for ages, then cycled to the Post Office to send them. John worked on his missive.

Later in the afternoon, went for a little drive, up Table Cape, just by Wynyard. Like The Nut at Stanley, this is the remains of the core of a volcano. But it is different in having more gradual sides so there is a road up there, and farms on the flat top. Some of the farms have brilliant views.

There were wonderful views from the top of Table Cape, but they were rather hazy.

Back at the van, I cooked a meatloaf for tea – John’s request. It was one with apple and lots of herbs – very nice. I also made pumpkin soup.

While I was cooking, John went fishing from the nearby beach, for a while. No bites.

After tea, I sewed and John played computer games.

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