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2000 Travels March 4

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After breakfast, we drove up Spion Kopf Hill, behind the town. From here, there were good views over the railway station building works, and up the “Gormy” hill. Could see a newly painted and refurbished train turntable at the terminus works – very flash.

03-04-2000 Queenstown view from Spion Kopje.jpg

From Spion Kopf. New railway building in centre.

Then we drove to Strahan, yet again. I put a couple of rolls of film in for processing at the good shop there. At the bakery, bought scrolls for lunch, and for dessert tonight.

We drove out to Macquarie Heads and ate lunch, sitting in Truck, parked on the beach there. Watched the cruise boats go out through Hells Gates.

03-04-2000 Ocean Beach by Hells Gates

On the beach at Macquarie Heads, with tour boat passing Bonnet Island

Then drove around to Ocean Beach which, as the name suggests, fronts on to the Southern Ocean. John said he was sure he had been here before, but I did not remember it. We concluded that he might have visited it alone, while I was in hospital in 1993.

We went for a very pleasant walk along Ocean Beach, for a couple of hours. Then drove back to Strahan where I collected my photos. Refuelled Truck – 96cpl.

Went to Tuttles Whittling Display, which was quite whimsical and something different.

I drove us back to Queenstown, so John could have a good look at the scenery on the way, for a change. The road certainly required one to concentrate!

Tea was leftover chow mein for John; I had some salad and a tin of fish.

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