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2000 Travels March 3

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Today was another nice weather day. We are really being quite lucky.

I worked on share market stuff through the morning. John pottered about.

After lunch, went back to Bradshaws mill. I’d designed a Huon pine storage box I want John to make for the foot of our bed – to store knitwear and the like away from moths. He intended to buy a nice birdseye speckled board for the inset top and take it with us – he thought it would fit in Truck.

03-03-2000 huon pine stacks.jpg

Huon pine in various forms, at Bradshaws Mill

The best laid plans……We saw some lovely speckled and “waved” freshly cut pine and chose several pieces of it, including one eight foot long, narrow piece that would make an excellent feature display table. Therefore, shipping to home for us became the only option. The timber we chose cost us $475, including transport costs. They will round out the somewhat uneven sized parcel with offcuts, they said.

03-03-2000 our huon pine.jpg

Out little stack of Huon pine, at the front.

The timber will be shipped to coincide with our pass through Melbourne in April. We will have to go pick it up at Yarraville, near the docks,  and store it carefully in John’s shed, to dry.

After about three hours at the mill, we went and did a grocery shop and then headed back to the van. We were both excited by the wood purchases.

Fish and chips for tea.

Phoned K about the missing photos. They had arrived at home the day after he sent the mail bag. The slowness was apparently explained by the Hobart shop wrongly addressing them. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I won’t be doing that again. Still, it was a relief to know they are there

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