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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels March 2

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There was a good warm drying wind this morning, so I washed, including the bedding.

Went to the Post Office, posted some letters and collected our bag of mail.

Took the flat tyre to be fixed. Turned out we must have had a faulty tube in there, because it had split. A new tube and the labour only cost us $15 – very reasonable.

Dealt with the mail. Was pleased to receive letters from V and my brother, and information on the family book launch and associated gathering. Brother had included a photo of my nephew, in his new Year 7 Trinity uniform. Nice of him. There were some bills, too, which we went back to the Post Office to pay.

I was concerned that the four packets of photos I’s been expecting, from the Glenorchy photo shop, were not in the mail bag. I’d mailed them the films  and negatives while we were still at Dover, and they were to send the completed photos home. I hoped that they’d not gotten too wet in our letterbox to send, or gotten lost.

After lunch, went to the Gallery Museum and browsed there. They had a huge collection of old photographs, painstakingly presented and explained. Included were photos and information about Pillinger and Crotty. It really was an excellent display – much better than we’d anticipated – and we spent a couple of hours there.

03-02-2000 new abt station.jpg

The building that would be the Queenstown terminus for the restored ABT Railway

We went and fetched a couple of containers of water from the standpipe, to put in the van tanks.

John left me at the van and went off to access some Internet for an hour, from 4-5pm. I read the papers we’d collected.

Tea was chow mein, which made John happy.

After tea I started writing a letter to V.

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