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2000 Travels March 5

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It was a misty morning, with some drizzle and not a great deal of visibility. But the forecast was for showers, clearing, so we decided on a drive.

We took the Mt Anthony road – a fairly new one that, presumably was built because of hydro developments. It goes from Queenstown to the Murchison Highway, north of Rosebery. It is much straighter, and shorter, than the highway route and locals use it to avoid the hilly, winding route through Rosebery.

I had the impression that it was really scenic, but we couldn’t see much at all, because of the misty rain. I knew from the map that there were some really high mountains in the area. There was a 10% gradient drop at the northern end, for a couple of kms!

At the highway, we turned left and went to Rosebery. It was still misty. We walked around the streets of the town, looking at the older buildings, and some mining relics. The Pasminco mine there is still operating. Since the shop was open as we passed, I bought a lotto ticket for next week’s jackpot – $3million.

Headed back south on the Murchison Highway and stopped by the Henty River bridge, to eat our lunch – sitting in Truck in steadily pouring rain. It would have been a pretty spot to explore a bit, in dry weather.

Got back to camp about 1.30pm, having driven 133kms.

John was really tired and had a four hour “nap”. I read the weekend papers.

It continued to rain for most of the afternoon. I guessed we were seeing the west coast as it mostly is. Although, even this country has seemed drier than normal – we could see that the hydro dams are well down, and the walking tracks were certainly drier than indicated in track notes.

Talked for a while with a Victorian neighbour – a man travelling alone in a Roadstar van. He seemed lonely and wanting to talk about travels.

The caravan park manager sent another guest over, who had been asking about the Mt McCall track and the Pillinger walk, so we talked with him for a while. I think we convinced him that both were quite do-able with his vehicle. I do think that people who run caravan parks should be more pro-active in producing proper information about what is to be done around their area. It would certainly encourage longer stays.

Tea was steak, mushrooms and green beans.

We decided to stay an extra day to finish off some undone things.

The rain eased off through the night.

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