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2000 Travels February 10

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This began as another warm day, but became increasingly humid as the day progressed. By late afternoon, there was a big build-up of cloud; by evening it was raining.

We set out to go to Nicholls Rivulet to visit The Deepings – woodturner – mentioned in the tourist information material we have. This was a place that ran residential classes, as well as having wood products for sale.

To get there, had to drive north to Huonville, then turn and follow the coast back to Cygnet, then head inland a little way, into hilly and timbered country. We followed the Esperance Coast Road around, rather than going the more direct highway route. It is such a scenic way to go that we do not get sick of it and consider the extra distance worth it.

02-09-2000 low tide near Dover, Brooks Bay.jpg

Unusually situated shed at Brooks Bay – maybe there was once a jetty here?

The Deepings had the same sort of products for sale that we had seen elsewhere. I actually thought that the Forest Centre in Geeveston had a far better range. We bought a small myrtle turning blank, that had an appealing grain pattern, for $10.

From there, we went on a bit further, to Craftwood Timber Supplies, a small timber milling operation, that we had been told about. This was a real find – a magic place. The owner – Pavel – was great, and really helpful and keen to show us his stocks, and talk timbers with John.  We spent about three hours there, and ended up buying a sizeable length of blackheart sassafras log. Slabbed, it would make beautiful coffee tables  – about 6 of same. Also bought sassafras for legs and celery top pine that would be under slats, if John decided to put magazine racks under. We paid a $500 deposit, in cash, on an $1100 purchase! They were beautiful looking slabs that would take two years to finish seasoning and kiln drying. so there were no worries about us not wanting it sent for another two or three years.

Pav had some beautiful blackwood there, too, with superb graining. We priced that, and his silver wattle, for future reference. He said that he could supply us with silver wattle, for our kitchen renovation, and would ensure we got top quality. This seemed very promising, as we do like the timber.

Pav also has turning blanks and burl materials. He told us of some tracks worth exploring, on the west coast, for when we go there.

Back at Huonville, we got diesel – 83cpl – and did a quick shop at the supermarket. Noted some phone messages, while we were in range. I phoned our sharebroker and put in a sell order on a batch of shares whose price had climbed to a level I was happy with.

John was anxious to get back to Dover to go to bowls practice. However, by the time we did get back, there were already some showers of rain, and the looming storm clouds had seen bowls called off.

Back at the van, John did a quick price comparison on silver wattle from the two places we’d seen that supplied it. Craftwood Timber was a little dearer than Island Specialty Timbers, but would probably be worth it, given the attention to quality Pav will guarantee. John will no doubt negotiate, anyway.

Tea was kumara soup, fettucine with a tomato sauce.

After tea, John phoned daughter R, who’d left several messages for us. Seems the government job she started a few months ago, will end soon, but she has some interviews lined up.

Overall, it was a most interesting day. We drove about 160kms.

It was quite pleasant to hear the rain on the van roof. They certainly need the rain in these parts.

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