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2000 Travels February 11

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After last night’s rain it was a really humid day.

After discussing it all, last night, today we drove back to Nicholls Rivulet, to Pav’s mill, in order to put in a firm order for the silver wattle timber for the kitchen. We will need a fair quantity, so the lead in time will allow him to find us really good wood.

I suspect that, when Pav saw us coming, he was worried that we’d come to cancel yesterday’s sassafras purchase and demand our money back! After all, how many retirees wander in and buy a ruddy great log, on impulse?

We gave him the silver wattle order and paid a $100 deposit. Again, this will not be needed for at least a couple of years yet.

Back at Dover, found the brake part parcel had finally arrived at the Post Office. John was pleased that it had finally come, as he really wanted to fix the brake before we moved again.

02-12-2000 10 View from van at Dover.jpg

The pleasant outlook from our van at Dover Caravan Park

Tea was fish and fries.

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