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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels February 9

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It was another hot day.

We drove to the Post Office, to find that the expected parcel from Trakmaster was not there. John phoned them, to be informed that it had been sent – by ordinary post. Lord knows when it will get here!

We also discovered that the mussels gathered at Southport the other day, and overlooked in Truck, were making an extremely nasty smell. They were dispatched to a bin.

John worked on completing the GST tax form now required for our company. More bureaucratic paperwork. He had to phone our accountant to check some details.

I amused myself by doing some research work on shares, trying to graph and analyse price movements, as I was doing yesterday.

In the late afternoon, John went fishing. All he could find about the van, for bait, was some pork strasburg I’d bought for lunch sandwiches. He fished off a little jetty not far away and caught a heap of fish! Amazing stuff, stras! He caught enough for three meals, for him. It was a good experience for him, because the “fishy” people in the park had been telling him they’d been seeing lots of flathead in the bay.

02-09-2000 caught on stras.jpg

Caught on pork stras!

Tea was late! After 8pm. Sweet potato soup and cold salmon patties.

I phoned K to ask him to send a batch of mail. He informed me that the fridge at home, which they have been using, broke down and needed a new element. $270 – which I guessed we’d have to pay for. Apparently, they lost some frozen meat and other foods, before they realized there was a problem – and K ate some “off” food that made him ill. I wondered how come he didn’t notice it was off?

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