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2000 Travels January 26

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We were all up early. R wanted to have lots of time to explore Richmond, and she also wanted to be at the airport an hour early.

We left camp at 8am and were in Richmond by 8.30am.

It was a drizzly day.

We all went and looked at the Catholic Church, then agreed to separate and sightsee at our own paces.

John and I went and looked at the jail, then had a lovely morning tea at the bakery – coffee and jam doughnuts and cheese sticks.

As agreed, we met up with R at midday. She gave us two large wine glasses, with a stained glass effect decoration – to thank us for the trip. They were quite lovely. As our storage space for fragile items is virtually non-existent, we asked if she could take them back with her and keep them for us, till we are home again.

It did not take long to drive from Richmond to the airport, so we had over an hour to sit around before the plane boarded.

After R’s flight left, we went back to camp, where John watched cricket on TV and we began to relax.

I went to the park office and paid $20 for the five nights R had stayed with us.

I was checking the bank and card statements that had been in the mail bag yesterday and found a strange item on our Mastercard statement. It was an overseas charge, for something that sounded vaguely indecent. It was for almost $50. John knew nothing of it, so we decided to go see the local bank branch tomorrow to try to sort it out.

Tea was a chop and a sausage each, potato, eggs for John, followed by cherries.

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