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2000 Travels January 25

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We all slept in, so it was another slightly late start. John and I drove to Glenorchy for the mail and some odds and ends, while R was getting ready. I bought a BBQ chook that R said she wanted for lunch. Refuelled Truck – back to 78cpl.

We visited the Plenty Salmon Ponds first. I paid for us to go in. R enjoyed this place – she likes fish. I enjoyed visiting there again, too. John stayed in Truck, having done it before.

R said categorically that she did not want to do any bushwalking. However, since we were out this way, we thought we could at least drive into Mt Field as it is a pretty drive, and have our picnic lunch there. We did that, in the picnic area near the campground. John and R demolished the chook I’d bought; I’d made sandwiches for myself.

After that, R said she would be interested in the drive up to the Lake Dobson carpark, so we went up there. Then R wanted to do the Pandani Walk, which we did, then the also shortish Lyrebird Walk, ditto. She then said she’d have liked to do the Tarn Shelf walk, which is a big one, which we had actually thought about doing with her, at one stage, before she’d said she didn’t want to do any walking.

We drove back down to the day use and campground area and R and I walked to Russell Falls. John and R had not been getting on well and he opted to remain in Truck. She would have liked to go on to Horseshoe Falls and Lady Barron Falls but I did not feel like doing that and leaving John by himself for that long,  and she did not want to go alone.

01-25-2000 russell falls.jpg

Russell Falls

We returned to Hobart via the Collins Gap Road – John was trying to provide another varied experience, this a dirt road one. The scenery was spectacular. Drove 173kms today.

Tea was fettucine and tomato sauce, followed by cherries.

Fairly early night for all of us.

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