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2000 Travels January 27

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We slept in until nearly midday – a measure of how tired we both were!

It was too late to do the washing, as I’d planned, and the weather looked threatening anyway, with much grey cloud.

The annexe sides were dry, so we took those down, along with the roof. Repacked Truck with all the things that had come out to make room for the third person.

John phoned the trustee dealing with his sister’s will, to find out when that might be settled. While R was here, we promised to give her an amount the same as we’d given the other three offspring, in recent years,  as their wedding presents. She can choose whether to invest or spend it. But we said it wouldn’t be until John received his bequest. Looks like that might be another couple of months yet.

We drove to Glenorchy and did a food shop and I collected photos I’d put in on Tuesday. Went to the bank, who seemed satisfied that “someone” had put the unauthorized charge on our card account. They cancelled the cards immediately. We would get the charge reversed, but would have to wait for new cards, and eventually collect them from a branch. Hmmm – that could pose an interesting challenge. They would phone us when the cards were ready to be sent on. We then went on to a caravan shop at Moonah to get a replacement light for one that had “exploded” a couple of days ago.

Back at the van, John fitted the light and it worked ok.

We spent some time talking to the couple who have a fairly large van, parked at the top of the hill, just across from the amenities. We have gotten to know them over our time here, as we walk past their van a number of times each day! They have just returned home to Tasmania after two years of travel, and are waiting for the rental on their east coast home to finish. He has an artificial leg, courtesy of an industrial accident. He would like to keep travelling but being close to the grandchildren is an issue for his wife.

We had an impulse tea of “special” pizzas from Dominoes.

School went back in Victoria today. I was so thankful not to be back there, doing that! It was the second anniversary of John’s official resignation too.

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