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2000 Travels January 9

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We left Hobart at 10.15am to drive to Oatlands to meet John’s nephew I and wife and daughter. We only had about 75kms to drive.

It was a warm day, and a pleasant drive up there, although the Midlands country is quite dry.

Reached Oatlands at 11.30. We parked outside our meeting point at the Post Office, then walked to the Information Centre, then on to a cafe to see what it was like.

Oatlands has lots of lovely old buildings, most of them built from stone. The settlement dates from the early 1800’s. The town would be a great resource for anyone interested in the colonial architecture of those times. Some of the buildings have been looked after/ restored, others not.

01-09-2000 Oatlands street.jpg

Oatlands street scene

One of the old features is the Callington Mill, a flour mill that dates from the 1830’s. It is unusual in being driven by a windmill apparatus – there was no river here to make a mill race. I guess that, on calm days, no flour was ground here!

01-09-2000 oatlands carrington mill

Callington Mill & associated buildings. The main wind sails were removed when the mill closed, about 1900

Oatlands is clearly not the tourist attraction that Ross or Richmond are – there seemed to be very few tourists or visitors around at all. Oatlands does not have a river or an old bridge – maybe that explains it? But it does have a good sized lake – Lake Dulverton – that they are battling to keep filled, via a bore. And associated ducks! We can’t get away from ducks!

There was only the one cafe open – and it was not too good either.

Apparently there are moves underway to restore the Callington Mill to working order. If this eventuates, then Oatlands would have a significant tourist attraction and more associated businesses might be viable.

01-09-2000 Carrington Mill at Oatlands.jpg

The main sails were mounted on the bracing at the right

I and family arrived a bit after 12. We wandered about, explored the Mill, ate our packed lunch, wandered some more. It was all pleasant enough – I hadn’t met these members of John’s family before.

We departed mid-afternoon. It was hot enough to have Truck’s air-con on for a while on the way back. We bought some fruits and vegies at a stall on the way home.

Back at camp, the latest mother duck was down to seven babies.

I made gazpacho for tomorrow’s dinner. It involved much hand chopping of ingredients into little pieces and was quite tedious. John watched cricket on TV.

Tea was soup, salads, stewed apricots.

We discussed going to Mt Field, next week, for six days, before having to come back here for the next round of visitors.

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