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2000 Travels January 10

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This morning, we wondered if it is worth going to all the hassle of packing up and moving out, for just six days. John is interested in watching the cricket, and there is no guarantee we would have power – or a TV signal – out at Mt Field. We could maybe stay here and do some more day trips on non-cricket days?

We went shopping, after breakfast, for food and wine for tonight.

About 11am, M phoned, from the top of Mt Wellington, to confirm tonight’s arrangements. But, I think, mainly because he was up there and wanted to tell someone!

We drove into the city. Went to BBQ’s Galore, looking for some camp chairs like the ones we have, which would be handy to have for visitors. No luck.

Met M and H at the Hobart Tower Motel, at 1.30, where they are staying with their sports car group.

I returned to the van with M in his Austin Healey – rather more quickly than I was comfortable with! H travelled more sedately with John.

M took John for a spin around the local area.

01-10-2000 austin healy.jpg

We all sat and talked for the rest of the afternoon. It was a lovely, warm afternoon, so was great to sit outside.

We had an early tea, as M does not have great lights on the sports car, so we wanted to make sure he could leave in daylight, if he wished.

The car occasioned much interest at the caravan park!

Our meal was gazpacho and rolls, salmon cutlets, potato and salad, followed by strawberries, raspberries and Tasmanian ice cream. All very good and I am sure they enjoyed it, as some of the meals they have had on the trip have been rather indifferent, they said.

They are leaving home in late February for a trip up the Centre, having to be in Darwin by late April, before travelling through WA. So we may meet up somewhere in those parts.

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