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2000 Travels January 11

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We have decided to stay on here, rather than “waste” two days in packing, moving, setting up. Also do not want to rush our Mt Field experience.

So, off to the Office I go, to extend our booking, yet again. This time, I am charged $16 a night, with no free seventh ones. The fees here seem to depend on which staff member one encounters, and what mood they are in!

It was a pleasant, warm day. Too nice to be idled away.

We drove south, to Geeveston, via the Southern Outlet Road. The first part of the drive was through timbered country, but then we emerged into farmland.

Crossed the wide Huon River at Huonville. We stopped in this town to check out the Mitre 10 hardware store, for camp chairs. John bought some special paint to do the underside of the van, and the A frame. I bought a book on garden pools.

After this, the road mostly followed the increasingly wide Huon River and there were some really lovely outlooks across the river. Really pretty country around here.

At Geeveston, we went to the timber and forest centre, which was excellent, far exceeding our expectations. We looked at the displays on timber and forest use and at some great creations in timber – bowls, tables, boxes. The Tasmanian timbers are so unique and beautiful.

John bought $6 worth of offcuts; we were able to choose them. Only time will tell if they are any good. Places like this are so tempting for anyone interested in woodcraft.

There was a wood turner working in the display area and we watched him turning little vases from Huon pine. One of his productions had some small brown knot marks on, which I really liked, so I bought the vase – for $22. He took us into the workroom and we talked for half an hour. He gives lessons in wood turning and so we are going to take classes with him, later in the year, when we are staying down at Dover, as we plan to do. He seems very good and was demonstrating at the Melbourne Wood Show. He has only been doing wood turning for seven years. He has an excellent lathe and seeing it in action has confirmed in John’s mind that it is the one he wants, having seen it before at the Melbourne Wood Show.

After a couple of hours at the timber centre, we headed back to Hobart. Bought some cherries from a farm stall on the way, and ate them as we went. We drove 143kms.

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