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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels January 8

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John’s nephew M phoned early: they get into Hobart, from Queenstown,  on Sunday and will come here for a meal on Monday.

We did the shopping after breakfast; it did not take long. Refuelled at Claremont – 76cpl.

We had a morning visit from another mother duck, with ten really young ducklings. I fed them bread in a dish of water, which they really hoed into. We should not really “assist” in this way, but I feel so sorry for them. I wonder how long this lot will last? She sat under our van with them, for a while.

After lunch, we drove through the city and down to Kingston. Pleasant drive, via Sandy Bay Road, and the Channel Highway, following the coast.

At Kingston, we did the Alum Cliffs Walk, which took us two hours and was a good hit-out.

Drove back via the same way we’d come – the view is different going the other way!

Back at the van, I made vegie and barley soup, and stewed some of the apricots that were going very soft.

Tea was soup, lamb chops, potato slices, salad.

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