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1999 Travels November 17

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There was no hurry about getting up this morning.

I discovered that the tap/hose link under the sink is leaking – again – so John had to fix that. it took a while. It is a good job that he is good at fixing irritating little things like that.

Today was basically a city shopping and organizing day.

We drove to the Glenorchy shopping  centre. I visited the Library there and joined the Tasmanian State Library. It means that I can borrow and return books all over the State, which is great!

John has decided to renew his lapsed passport and posted off the application to a former colleague, to witness.

I bought bread, milk and a paper – not a big shop, because I had done that in Scottsdale for when I thought we’d be spending weeks on the east coast.

Had  lunch back at the van.

We went to Tandy and Dick Smith. John bought printer ink refills and a small indoor aerial for the TV.

We drove into central Hobart – it is so small and un-busy compared to Melbourne central! It was easy to find a convenient place to park too. Went to Myer where John got a part he needed for his shaver and bought a Solitaire computer game.

At the Hobart GPO we got bus details, relevant to the cricket, which is over the Derwent River, at Bellerive Oval. We booked his ticket for the cricket there. Decided that he should have the dearest seat – under cover, and a proper seat, as opposed to sitting on a bench, or the grass. It cost $98 for the 5 day Test, and a reserved seat that is clearly his alone.

We drove back through North Hobart, Newtown and Moonah, for a change, to get fuel – 75cpl – and to check out the Glenorchy bus stops. In Moonah I saw a Knitters Club shop, so we had to stop so I could have a browse. But I was very disciplined and only bought two balls of cheap wool.

Tea was potato soup, lamb chop, sausages and vegies.

The new indoor aerial seems to work well in Hobart – it has certainly improved the TV reception over what it was last night.

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