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1999 Travels November 16

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The drive on down the coast, through Swansea and Triabunna, was beautiful. Around Swansea we looked over the bay to the Freycinet Peninsula – superb outlook. I am frustrated that we are just “passing through” all this lovely coastal region.

I had thought we would have a final coastal taste by staying the night at Orford, with its outlook to Maria Island, but John decided he did not want another single night’s stay along the coast, but would press on to Hobart.

We lunched by the river at Orford, after overshooting the entrance to the beachside picnic area.

After Orford, the highway departed from the coast, and the way was through a mix of forested country and farm lands.

Drizzly rain started as we came though a hilly section near Buckland.

We went to the caravan park at Cambridge that had been recommended highly to us by other travellers. It looked very pleasant and rural. I thought that, from here, I would be able to do some interesting cycling around the area, while John was at the cricket. However, John asked about the TV reception and was told that it was not great, so he decided that we would go elsewhere! I was cross that bloody TV took precedence over all the attractive aspects of the place.

For Plan B, we continued on towards the main part of Hobart, and the Berriedale Caravan Park that we had stayed at in ’93. They charged us $16 a night, with the seventh night free.

There were not many empty powered sites. A few up on top of the hill, with a nice outlook over the river, were exposed, small, and surrounded by permanent vans. We ended up on the flat area down the bottom of the hill, backing on to a childrens’ playground, with quite a hike up the hill to the amenities block. However, at night, that walk up there was attractive, with the city lights all round. It partly made up for the general bleakness of the place in daytime. The park at Cambridge was definitely much nicer, and without the traffic noise that is a background at Berriedale.

We set up fully, for a week’s stay, at least. We have not really discussed options once the cricket is over.

It was cold and grey.

Tea was potato soup, ling done in a Dijonnaise sauce – nice.

11-16-1999 to hobart

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