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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels November 18

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It was a fine, cool day for the start of the cricket Test. Australia was playing Pakistan.

We set out to drive to the bus depot at Glenorchy then, in the way, John decided to drive right to Bellerive, and that I could drive Truck back to camp and pick him up from the bus, when he phoned, at night. I was disconcerted by this sudden change of plan, which meant having to find my way back without a navigator, or a pre-plan.

We got to Bellerive about 10am, after stopping at Glenorchy to buy some lunch things for John. I dropped him by the entrance and made my way back to Glenorchy. It was not as hard as I’d feared. Getting onto the Tasman Bridge and off onto the right route at the roundabouts after it, was made easier by good signage.

11-20-1999 Tasman Bridge from Botanic Gardens.jpg

The Tasman Bridge, that links both sides of Hobart, over the Derwent River. There is a wider space for shipping, in the middle.

At the Glenorchy shops, I put in a film for processing, and browsed around the shops.

After a late lunch, I read for much of the afternoon – making the most of my unfettered library access!

John caught the bus from Bellerive to Glenorchy, after the cricket, and phoned me from Glenorchy, about 6.30pm. I drove there and collected him.

John had really enjoyed the day. He was full of talk about it – how close the players are to the spectators, how well he could see,  how small the crowd was.

Tea was rissoles and mash.

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