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1999 Travels November 7

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We woke up early, without trying, and were surprised to find that it was fine, with blue sky. And they say Melbourne weather is unpredictable and changeable! This area is amazing!

Despite having to do a full pack up, we were away by 10am.

Refuelled at Latrobe – 79cpl.

Somehow, this navigator missed the turn to the back Tamar road at Latrobe, so we continued down the highway to Sassafras, then via a back road through East Sassafras to the Exeter road. It was a pretty detour, anyway.

Near Exeter, we took the West Tamar Highway, to our left, then turned off this onto the Batman Highway and the Batman Bridge over the Tamar River, which is quite wide at this point.

11-07-1999 up tamar from batman bridge.jpg

Looking towards the Tamar River mouth, as we crossed the Batman Bridge

Just over the bridge was a picnic area and we stopped there to eat lunch. We had a great view of the unusual bridge structure. There is an A shaped towering frame at the western end of the bridge, and the rest of it is held up by cables that come from the tower. The bridge appears to elegantly soar over the water, to me.

11-07-1999 Batman Bridge Tamar R.jpg

The Batman Bridge – supporting tower and linking cables

From there, we followed the eastern side of the Tamar, towards  Georgetown. At Bell Bay, took the road east to Bridport.

I had chosen Bridport as a base from which to explore some of the north-east corner of the state, and because it was on the coast. I had never been there before. The plan was that, from there, we would slowly make our way down the east coast, exploring it before the Xmas school holidays made it too busy.

We booked into the council run caravan park at Bridport, for $12.50 a night for a powered site, with the seventh night free. That made it a good economical $75 a week. But we had to put 20 cents into a meter for a hot shower.

The park stretches for a long way along the foreshore of Anderson Bay, in a long narrow strip. It was a bushy sort of park, with camping bays and sites in amongst the coastal bush.

We drove and walked around the park, having been told we could choose our own site. We found one right above the shore line, which gave us great views over the bay from the back window of the van. We could clearly hear the sea from inside the van. In “front” of our site are rock and sand areas, and further along, the remains of an old jetty stretching out into the great, wide, sweeping bay – it was just so beautiful.  One angle looked a bit like the Daintree coast – a wide beach, some wind-blown sand dunes and mountains behind.

11-08-1999 Bridport camp.jpg

Setting up camp at Bridport, with the bay right behind us

It was so good to be beside the sea again. We never did get our sea side experience after the arid central Australian travel!

I suspect this park would not be pleasant in the summer holidays, but it is lovely now. The amenities are adequate, without being fancy. They were clean enough.

After setting up, we went for a short walk along to the old jetty. There is a walking track along the foreshore that goes right past our van. Then we walked the other way, into the town centre and back, so we walked about 3kms altogether.

It is a very small town centre – a village, really, with some basic shops, overlooking the bay.

Tea was soup, beef stroganoff and pasta, with strawberries to follow.

We decided we would like it here.

11-07-1999 to bridport

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