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1999 Travels November 8

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Slept well with the background noise of the sea, and were rather late waking up. The caravan park is very quiet.

It was a blue sky day, and almost shorts weather in areas sheltered from the breeze.

11-08-1999 bridport bay.jpg

Anderson Bay, Bridport, from the beach in front of our van

I walked to town to get the paper. John drove off to inspect the bowls club, which is the other end of the main street area.

We drove out to Double Sandy Point Reserve, which is the point at the bay entrance, on this side. It is, as the name suggests, a double point, with a sandy small beach between them. We looked at birds and just admired the scenery. Out there, it was rather blowy and chilly.

Had lunch back at the van, then went walking. Followed the foreshore path and tracks around the bay to Granite Point and some way beyond this along the edge of the Little Forrester River – a creek, really. Retraced our route for some of the way, then came the rest along the road that runs past the caravan park. It was a decent walk.

We passed the end of the old jetty – a picturesque ruin. It was built in 1916 to aid the export of timber to the mainland, but was destroyed by fire in 1928.

11-08-1999 old jetty and flinders island.jpg

Old jetty remains at Bridport

I was surprised how well ordinary plants grow here, so close to the sea. I do not usually associate plants like rhododendrons with the coast.

Tea was soup, pasta with caper and olive sauce – nice. Some more of the very delicious local strawberries bought from a roadside stall two days ago, followed.

11-12-1999 Bridport dusk rainbow light.jpg

Anderson Bay and jetty ruins at dusk

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