This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels November 6

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We had planned to move on today, but it rained steadily all through the night and into the morning, so we decided against trying to do a wet pack up.

Had an “indoors” day instead.

Went for the papers and read those. I sewed. John played computer games. He listened to the cricket.

I think my blocked ears might be beginning to clear – there was much crackling happening in there.

The rain seemed to ease, later in the day, which we hoped was a good sign for tomorrow.

We were disappointed to hear that the referendum proposal, held today, to make Australia a republic, had been defeated. We had submitted postal responses to this, before leaving Victoria. It all brought back my regular despair  at the ignorance/apathy of the average citizen. Also disappointing is that some of the politicians are now trying to make political capital out of something that should be above petty party politics – like pointing out that so many ALP held electorates voted No, despite their leader’s advocacy of a Yes vote.

I cooked a batch of potato, bacon and onion soup.

We had toasted cheese for lunch – it was that sort of day, so only had some of the soup for tea.

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