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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels September 12

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It was a very pleasant, typically spring day in Melbourne.

We had to be at Beaumaris by midday, because John and his brother in law were bowling.

H took me to Southland and we went browsing in Myers. In their craft section, I bought some cheap knitting wool. I bought two new towels for John – blue ones, because he has been complaining that the current ones are not fluffy enough. These are good Sheridan ones, at $20 each. I also bought some white knit shorts – for casual bowls and best wear.

We had tea at H’s again. I bought some pre-dinner nibbly things, and wine. H bought Chicken Italian – there was cheese and ham inside the chicken and Italian sauce and mozarella over it, sprinkled with herbs. I hadn’t had anything like it before, but it was very nice.

H and John were able to talk at some length about family matters and relationships. She told him that he would get a bequest in N’s will. On the drive back to the van, we discussed that he could maybe buy a new lathe with the money, once we settle down again.

We did not stay late at H’s, and were back at the van in time for a reasonably early night.

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