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1999 Travels September 13

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We left Mornington at 10am, to spend the day in our home area.

Went first to Chirnside Park to organize new glasses frames for John, as his have been broken for a while, and held together by tape. They cost $150.

We went to have a look at home. John was not happy with the state of the garden, where pruning and cutting back of plants has not been done. The pets were excited to see us, yet again.

We collected clothes suitable for the funeral, from home.

We both visited our dentist. As I suspected, my root canal filling, done in Cairns last year, is loose. He will replace it and hope that works – this is a cheaper option than treatment from an orthodontic dentist, even assuming I could get into see one. John has two big fillings to be done, one a correction of an old and worn  root canal. Our tooth works are going to cost over $2000! This puts us both into shock. John talks about just getting his teeth out and getting dentures – but that would cost nearly as much.

So we had a rather morose journey back to Mornington. We drove 106kms today.

Bought pizza for tea.

This time last week, we were at Mt Ive – and it was a much more pleasant day!

Then John’s niece, C, phoned. She and her husband are in charge of a polling booth in next Saturday’s State election, and she asked if we would work there. You bet we will! The several hundred dollars we will earn will go towards dental costs.

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